Well, again, I’ve been drinking. I’m frustrated. I am hurt. My country has become so divisive that we no longer see what makes us the same. The complexities are so far spanning that I can’t name them all here without making it a career in sociology. That won’t stop me from expressing the sadness I feel.
I love every man, woman, and child in my country at my core. It pains me that we have resulted to violence, and I will say as I have before, violence only begets more violence.

The media has portrayed Baltimore as another city full of terrible black Americans tearing apart their own communities. The same media fails to report on the many people on that same ground opposed to it. I hate this because the media is effectively undermines the concerns of Americans. The media is effectively down-playing the tragedies of others experience.

I’m also saddened because this same news portrays all law enforcement as terrible human beings and that isn’t the case either.

I am pained as an American watching my country turn to oil and burn at the instant there is friction. What hurts more is not knowing a legitimate solution that doesn’t ignore the complexities of the society we live in.

Most importantly, I am pained by the reality that the country I was raised in that was once united is so easily divided.


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