Who is in Charge?

its 9:17 pm and a revelation just hit me as I enter my 4th round of Maker’s Mark. Reality is a shitty situation we have all tried to avoid at one point or another. The worst part of it all is even in the moments of sobriety we run from it. Universities have become controlled by their student population. They fear the loss of revenue if they were to go against the majority.

What happened to being challenged? What happened to being uncomfortable? My ideals are challenged daily in the real world and the only reason I don’t stuff my head in the sand is because of the same institution that is becoming more and more afraid of the exact thing that is developing my mind.

If we fear offending our students did we really prepare them for the world outside academia? I work in an ER and I see things frequently that make you re-evaluate just exactly what ethics are and where your values stand. You see the best and worst in people in the moments leading up to their possible death.

It frustrates that a group that is supposed to be built on the idea of developing intelligent adults is giving into them as if they are spoiled brats.

WE ARE NOT HERE TO TEACH YOU. YOU ARE HERE TO TEACH US. No matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient it may be for the both of us.

I’m off my soap box for the night. I just wish people would remember that anything worth having didn’t come without dealing with a little bit of pain.


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