Dwelling on Failure and Shifting Blame

I had a recent issue with people in my class dwelling on past mistakes. The issue with such actions is that when you do so you are not moving forward and therefore not creating anything of value for your life.

When there are faults from another unrelated to you it doesn’t change the fact that the challenge is still before you. My class decided to sarcastically berate my professor for not properly preparing us for the exam. While not as extreme I do agree with the class’ consensus. My issue is the behavior is unproductive.

What I want to express to the class is really starting to bubble over. I need to remind myself that as a 25-year-old in a room full of 17, 18, and 19-year-olds that my perspective is obviously much different. I want them to understand that they are not only wasting my time with complaints and finger pointing, but their own. Firstly, she has been a professor, most likely, longer than they have been alive, which negates their ability to have a weighty sway in changing her ways. Secondly, choosing not to take ANY responsibility for their failure is only a detriment to themselves, not the professor. Thirdly, the fact that these actions are futile only prove that you must adapt and overcome if you expect to be successful.

The sad reality is that half the class wishes to be physicians or some high level of medicine. This is where I see the starting point of those who are not truly cut out to be at such an elite academic level.

I understand I am coming from quite a high horse so let me level the playing field. I failed the exam myself and only a few passed the exam. I did  not properly study and the excuses for me are plenty. This doesn’t undermine the fact that complaining and using excuses isn’t getting me anywhere. Identifying priorities is the only way to achieve success. If we want to have or cake and eat it to we must position ourselves to do so. For me, that may require cutting back on work hours, less recreational time, more time studying in biology and less in chemistry. All of these things will have consequences. The sacrifices I make will have to be determined by what I am willing to do. I enrolled in the course. I want to pass the class. So the question becomes, how bad do I want it?


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