So, at this current point in life I feel pretty overwhelmed. I feel overwhelmed by life; My finances are tightening up. School is looking endless. Work and my other responsibilities aren’t aligning well. My lease is ending soon, and we are supposed to be moving into a house. I could give up and lay down right now. The hell with it! I don’t want to deal with it. We all know none of that is going to happen, because, like everyone else, I have an innate drive to keep going. Not excel at what I am doing, but just get by. Stumbling through the everyday monotonous junk until the day it all falls on me. I’m not asking you to feel sorry for me. I’m here to tell you that someone has it worse than me, and someone has it worse than you. This petty crap doesn’t mean the end of your life. These stressful things are nothing but stress. If the military taught me anything it is this;

If you don’t want to sleep in the mud, don’t go to sleep. If you are doing this because you’re afraid to get dirty, too late. You can take a shower later, but you can’t get that experience back. You learn to dig in and embrace that your circumstances are less than perfect. You do the BEST you can to improve your situation and you keep on dragging your knuckles. Mother Nature or the person next to you will not magically make your circumstances better, nor should your expectation be to reach perfection. You can look for help from the people next to you and you can look toward perfection, but reality is an unrelenting bitch. So if you’re going to have any chance at success you’d better be the unrelenting bastard that tells her to get fucked.


I apologize for the explicit language, but this is the blatant truth. My standard of living and arrangements as I know them are in constant jeopardy of getting worse. There isn’t a single thing I can do about that. I take my situation and make it into the best possible circumstances I can.

I know I sound almost like a pretentious little shit so let me clarify. Your biggest enemy is yourself, and we are in a constant battle with ourselves. I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder in 2010, of course I worry about everything (just by being diagnosed I’m better off than other people). I battle myself daily on how much unnecessary stress I put on myself. I fight the concept that sometimes there isn’t a damn thing you can do about life events. I fight myself every second of every day. What I have come to understand is that, no matter the outcome, if I did my best, life will in fact work out for the better. It may not be a reality tomorrow or a week from now, but eventually that shitty moment in life will have been worth something.


If we are proactive about our lives in the worst of times then when life starts getting better there is no doubt in your mind as to who is responsible for it. You are not going to achieve those far off reaches of awesome curled up in the corner concerned with the “impending failure”. Hell, you may not achieve it when you try. The difference comes with knowing. If you don’t try then you don’t know. At the end of the day you fail, trust me, all you want to do is try again. That is success. That is motivation. It isn’t some magical creature, and it isn’t a flawless performance. It is the willingness to fail, but not the acceptance of failure.


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