Our Fleeting Sense of Everything

The world we live in today is absorbed in whatever the top media outlets put out. Watching the news I see negative after negative story varying from deep significance to absolutely useless information. The radio and music television channels play songs about a life of luxury and partying the day away (not that there isn’t meaningful music played). Movies are just as guilty of becoming more and more mindless, mainly seen among the comedy realm of film. All of these things in moderation are acceptable, but again we as a society are absorbed in it. This would be great if what media outlets had to offer wasn’t fleeting or superficial.

Right now we sit amongst a wave of protest against discrimination and prejudice, but, of course, the majority of people not impacted by this will shrug it off just as fast as their favorite news station does. I’m not bashing them, I can be just as guilty of this. What I am trying to point out is our state of mind. Look how quickly we trend from one thing to the next. We see issues globally or nationally, try them on, and then donate them to goodwill as soon as its out of fashion. With millions of serious issues in the world we can’t possible keep our attention on one. So we let the news determine where we will be outraged next. Are you really outraged though? Do the things you see or hear on CBS, MSNBC, or FOX really impact you or could it be equated to the argument you had with your girlfriend or boyfriend over what to eat for dinner?

Please realize it is not just our attention that is being manipulated, it is our emotions. Anyone remember a particular era in American history where an overwhelming amount of citizens preached peace and love for one another. What ever happened to that mentality? We are actually living in a world in which it is no longer cool to preach love. Instead of listening to songs talking about love and societal values we listen to songs about big screen TVs and “sexy women”. This doesn’t pretain specifically to hip-hop either. This pretains to its antithesis, country, as well. The majority of what I hear on the radio is about sex or sex appeal, materialism and wealth, as well as consumption of drugs and alcohol. This is not indicative of all music, but there is something to be said about the top songs found in each genre portraying one if not all of those.  Still don’t believe your thoughts emotions and choices aren’t being manipulated? I urge you to watch the video below.


Even still, this isn’t my point. My point is that we have actually taken the idea of loving our neighbor or acting like a “hippie” and made it lame or uncool. We can no longer be tolerant of each other. That wouldn’t project a cool imagine. Instead we have to revolve around consumption of goods, objectification of each other (not just women), and use of ellicit substances. While those will be ever present based upon marketing and the fact that it “feels good”, our values as a society consequently becoming fleeting. We have been immersed so far into what the media tells us that we are pruning from superficiality.


Preaching love doesn’t have a thing to do with your sexual orientation, men it doesn’t make you gay (another infuriating issue). It is about being one with each other. It is about tolerance. It is about avoiding wars. You’re not a coward for finding other ways than a fight to resolve a problem. You’re a coward if your answer to a problem always requires it. Life will never be as easy as throwing a punch.

In light of current events, don’t let this feeling of love excape you when the reporters stop reporting on it. Don’t throw yourselves into the streets and hurt others, because youre “expressing anger.” Intellegently unify each other and be about the love you are so adamantly protesting for.

I’ll stop my rant here. As you can see I had no outline to this, and just rambled on. I hope it was worth the time you spent!

Thanks for reading, and as always I love you guys!


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