Jumping the Gun(man)?

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I have no illusions about police brutality existing in America, and globally for that matter. My concern is with our approach to the problem. The first point I shouldn’t, and won’t, elaborate on – not all police officers are bad! Second, if you want to see murder you are damn well going to see murder. Third, protesting is good, when peaceful and has an objective. America has gone into a frenzy of bandwagon protest for a legitimate cause using a very structurally unsound vessel. We have divided each other, and we are getting nowhere!

As I have stated in the past, police brutality is a real issue in America, as is racial profiling. It is a novel cause to fight against such behavior. How we go about doing so will determine how we shape society for the future. As Americans, we realize that the individual civilian can do little, but as a mass can be explosively effective. Many famous leaders in history have proven that true, and to this day serve as role models. What I think we are forgetting is how we are highlighting this fight. We are taking an us versus them approach. Thus, creating a war, not positive social change. I do believe that police are becoming far too protected in their misbehavior. I also believe that we are not putting ourselves in their shoes before making claims. Such as stomping around saying Darren Wilson and the officers involved with Eric Garner are terrible officers. In both cases from my point of view the so-called “facts” indicate the officers did what they needed to in order to both protect themselves and do their job. That being said the facts about the case involving officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback  are a little sketchy and lean more toward an itchy trigger finger against a young black boy, rather than appropriate use of force. I will implore you all to remember that the media will do the best it can to sell a story – not the truth. All so-called “facts” should be taken with a grain of salt, which means use your inner critical thinker! Not just for one side either, but for both equally. My question to you is; If you are in search of truth, why do you act as if you already have the answer?

This leads me right into my second objective with this post. When so many others scream murder, our first instinct is to follow suit. We have already become unwittingly biased, and participating in a virtual mob mentality. You now see a murderous cop, because what appears to be the majority of people say so. This doesn’t make it right or wrong. This means people are not really paying attention, but have every intention of doing so. This goes for both sides. How many cops, and families of cops, do you think would immediately side with their fellow officer regardless of the facts? I’m sure quite a few would. What makes you, the protesting civilian, any different? There is a middle ground where we can start a dialogue, but I must reiterate that if all we wish to see is murder then by god we will see murder.

As worthy as this issue may be, using cases built weakly against officers (whether truly guilty or not) is not the best vehicle to start a movement with. As a society, we have to be particular and meticulous in our approach to this change. We need to have a solid foundation, friendships with the other side, and be as squeaky clean in our demonstrations as possible. Blocking interstates and putting lives at risk for this movement is wrong! You may not be looting and you have gotten some serious attention, but did you not realize the impact this could have on innocent people? Those people could be another supporter of your cause. Making peace not war means we need to peacefully attack the right people, not just throw a temper tantrum in the streets. This kind of protesting discredits us all by breaking the law, putting lives at risk, and losing potential supporters by agitation. Think bigger than the highway beside your home people!


I am not a cop hater, yet I resent being nervous when around authorities. I acknowledge police brutality, discrimination, and my white privilege. I am for protesting, but not in the way we are currently conducting ourselves. I love my country and all her people, and hate to see her torn apart by lack of unity.

“United we stand, divided we fall.”

Feel free to start a conversation! As always I love you guys!


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