I could talk for hours about man’s best friend and still not be satisfied. Dog owners really are just like parents, all they do is talk about them. I hate to say it, but I have become the annoying picture-posting proud dad on facebook. In my own defense, a dog is a hell of a lot easier to look at and more entertaining. Seriously, your baby is only cute to you, everyone else is just being nice or jealous they don’t have one of their own. I adopted a Great Dane approximately three months ago, and it has already been quite the journey. Today I am just going to list some things I learned and give myself an excuse to post pictures of Dozer. You can’t complain about these either because you are voluntarily here now!

1- Although I have been surrounded by dogs my entire life, this I know to be true now; The bigger they are the worse their farts smell.                                                 Gas! Gas! Gas!

2- We all love cuddling with our fur-child, but make sure you get some room on the bed too.                                                                                                          IMG_1166[1]

3- Meal time is always a staring contest…                                    begging-1

4- Don’t be in a hurry to give them all your trust…                                 IMG_1086[1]

5- Living in an apartment with a dog means you spend a lot more time outside… Bad-Weather                                                                                  Dozer: Whines…                                                                                                                                   Me: (looks at Emily) it’s your turn to take him out…                                                                          Emily: I WAS ASLEEP!

6- They are endless entertainment… even if you’re trying to study…IMG_1128[1]

7- Being a morning person, I have no need for an alarm clock, but I cannot say the same for the significant other (insert deviant smile here)…    o-DOG-ALARM-facebook

8- They are willing to go anywhere with you, and don’t appreciate businesses who discriminate against them…                                                                    IMG_1099[1]

9- Naps can happen anywhere, even if you spent $80.00+ on a bed…IMG_1125[1]

10- All dogs wish to be lap dogs…                                                           IMG_1079[1]


This list was all for the sake of sharing pictures, however, there is much joy in adopting a friend. My world revolves around the black and white Great Dane you see in the pictures. He constantly tests my patience, forces my responsible thinking, and comforts me through all of it. He has taught me much about myself and how to be a better person.

Owning a dog isn’t for everyone, but for those willing to make a long-term commitment it’s fantastic. I know we all want puppies, but adopt at your local shelter, not a breeder. The puppies created by breeders will most likely not be put down. The dogs at many shelters will, and they make just as good a companion. If you are thinking of adopting a dog here are some good links;

Petfinder, Petango, ASPCA, No Kill Network

Thanks for reading and as always I love you guys!


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