Pay Attention to the Facts not the Broken Glass


The Micheal Brown case has found its verdict via a Grand Jury, and our police officer, Darren Wilson, was found innocent. Whether, the verdict is one of true justice or not could be heatedly debated for days, as I’m sure the protestors of Furgeson, MO would agree. Are the violent protests taking place right now justified? Probably not, but the use of a communities outcry of anger is not how we should be dictating our thoughts (strawman argument). However, if we are to find common ground and a resolution I wish people would acknowledge these simple truths;


^^^^This is a classic example of the Straw Man logical fallacy.

Police brutality is, in fact, an ongoing problem in AMERICA, not just Furgeson, Mo. This affects all races, cultures, and creeds. You may also be allowing yourself to be disillusioned if you believe African American citizens are not targeted more that Caucasians with cases of brutality.

No one wants to be beaten by the people who swore to “Serve and Protect”. We have seen a huge online movement of cell phone videotaping of police officers to keep them honest. If you search for these videos you see people of all different races being improperly treated. The Furgeson family is trying to make a movement towards the accountability of officers who feel assault is a charge they are immune to. Regardless of their motivation and regardless of Micheal Brown’s guilt or innocence, the proposed solution of body cameras is a great one! This benefits everyone and could have far-reaching impacts on limiting abuse of power within the police force nationwide.

Rioting is by no means acceptable and only serves to destroy what you as a community member are a part of. This, however, does not mean that the protestors of Furgeson do not have a legitimate reason to feel anger. Using the terms black and white for comparison on riots are ridiculous, because white people have never rioted before right? This riot is an outpour of frustration, and the Michael Brown case was “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” I must digress that there is no relevancy to his guilt or innocence rather a relative theme of distrust built around existing police brutality, profiling, and injustice.

Furthermore, if we don’t attempt to find common ground we will continuously stretch the racial divide in America further and further apart. We must look at the foundational issue before we address race. We must acknowledge this is an American citizen issue not an African American or Furgeson, MO. issue. If we can all agree there, then we can work toward understanding the smaller intricacies that lie within (such as race).

The moral of the story is if we do not seek to understand our fellow American citizens we are effectively destroying our country. We must unite as one in understanding that we all face different challenges and need to help one another through the extraordinarily complex web that is our social world. We do this by overlooking each other’s flaws and mistakes and see the real issue and offer help not resistance.


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